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The PUBG Chronicles: Volume IIII

So, at this point in the history of PUBG, everyone has had their fair share of chicken dinners. It is an exhilarating feeling that not only has you on the edge of your seat but also takes a lot of focus, skill, and in squad matches, teamwork.

In this squad match, I found myself teamed up with random players.

Of course, none of them were using microphones, so the chances of us working as a team were slim.

With the current situation, my first thought was, “This will be a short match and good practice,” which is usually what I expect in random squad matches, because much of the PUBG community knows, random players never really play as a team. As the match progressed, I found out that my first thought was exceedingly wrong, and I was in for a surprisingly EPIC match!

Now, to set the theme of the match; it was youngchinoXL, Gwangwoo, Karma NDL, and myself. Gwangwoo, Karma NDL, and I landed in a remote area near the shelter. It was either the Mansion or Prison. YoungchinoXL decided he was going to be a bad ass and landed by himself. He was dead within 3 minutes of landing.

After finding some good loot, I rendezvoused with Gwangwoo and Karma NDL carrying a level-1 backpack, level-2 vest, level-2 helmet, M9 pistol, silenced UMP, and a Scar-L with an 8x scoop. Needless to say, I was ready for a 2-piece and a biscuit!

I got my first kill as we were on our way into the first set circle. The squad and I set up behind a 2-story building as we took fire from enemies. They had the advantage of higher ground and the area was also heavily wooded so finding the targets was difficult.


After assessing where the enemy fire was coming from, I switched to my Scar-L, leaned out from cover, and BINGO, there was my first victim.

His gamertag was ookdub541oo and he was knocked after about five rounds directly to the chest. I immediately started taking fire and my health had dwindled to near 0. Luckily, I was able to take cover and heal up.

The squad and I pressed forward into the circle and soon after ran into more enemies. This time they were out in the open near their jeep, so locating them was easier than finding white girls at Starbucks. They fired at us and we immediately fired back, we made quick work of them and moved on.

It was at this point I got my second kill; as I was running up a slightly sloped open field I saw the enemy jeep and instantly aimed down my sights. There, in my sights was SEVEN50iL, laying down and firing at my teammates. I shot three rounds into his head and his body flew up like Scotty beamed him up. It was a pretty funny sight and a satisfying second kill.

My third kill was closer to the end of the match. The squad and myself were pushing towards a small circle with 15 players left in the match. We hugged the edge of the blue zone as nearby enemies were getting busy.

Down a slight hill I noticed a dune buggy and aimed to find ResentedLemur52 knocked out and crawling for his life. I shot a few times but missed. As he crawled aimlessly hoping to find cover, I finally ended his misery and got my third kill.


Unfortunately, I did not get to record my fourth or fifth kills because of all the shit going down in the last few minutes of the match. Enemy squads were shooting at us from all directions. We had no way to communicate. My heart was beating fast, and I was sweating like a fat man running a marathon.

I commend Gwangwoo and Karma NDL though because they did not fold under the pressure. They got most of the game saving kills towards the end and I went for the gold by rushing the last two players.In the process Karma NDL was killed, but in his sacrifice, I was able to sneak up on JINXED CHIMERA for my final kill with the silenced UMP.

This match was crazy and filled with ups and downs. It showed me that you should never judge a book by its cover and should always enter a match with the mentality that the chicken dinner is yours. It was good practice and even better squad coordination considering we had no method of communication.

Altogether, this match was a fun experience that could have only happened in PUBG. I also ended up making some cool friends in the process. In closing, if you haven’t played PUBG yet or just are not a fan of it, I highly suggest you give it a try; overall, it’s a great way to make friends and have fun!

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