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 My father raised my brother and I to be competitive gamers, whether it was Qbert, Frogger, Tekken or Mario Cart, he bred us to win. The countless losses my father imposed on me created a incessant need for me to win. That competitive drive to win and my love for gaming is what makes competitive gaming such an exhilarating experience. Games may change, but the drive to win remains the same.



My primary duties are as followed but not limited to three particular areas of expertise. Marketing, Client Development and of course Gaming. Growing up in a competitive environment I learned quickly that in life the worst thing a child can say is the homework is too difficult or the video game is too easy. These phrases are synonymous yet different. The representatives of this company understand the importance of never running from a challenge an so should you. So let's get a game in!!!

First, I have to say that I love gaming. In the time that I have been involved I have come to find that - Capitol Underground is as much of a fraternal order as it is a gaming league. We have all played together online, making kids cry with God level efficiency. We have played shoulder to shoulder in dorm rooms where junk food and soda fueled our gaming sessions into unthinkable hours of the morning. The competitive spirit shared between gamers is a feeling that one can only experience the first time you play Golden Eye with four screens; The adrenaline you felt the first time you faced M. Bison in Thailand; or running in a touchdown with Bo Jackson carrying an entire team on his back in the first Tecmo Bowl. My band of brothers and I will do all we can to bring that feeling to every event that The Underground hosts.

An avid reader and gadget guru, I felt that video games were the epitome of the future. I can remember in the early 90's my dad bringing home a Sega Genesis with NBA Jam and Kid Chameleon. That began the era of the incessent urge for competition with whomever picked up the controller and pressed "Start". Capitol Underground is the next phase of that urge.


CFO of Capitol Underground
Vice President of Capitol Underground

Trevor Williams
Founder & CEO

Stephen Williams
Vice President

Andre Myles
Chief Financial Officer

Tyler Williams
Chief Technology Officer


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