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Holiday Vibes & The Strategic Growth of DC Esports


D.C. — The second annual Super Smash Ultimate Holiday Event hosted by Capitol Underground Gaming and Inclusion Innovation Incubator (In3) made waves in the DC Smash community, equipped with food and drinks for all, tourney-goers enjoyed what some would call ‘a vibe’.

From the complimentary food, great music, raffle prizes, and chill free-play area, to the competitive smash matches live on stream there was plenty to vibe too at Capitol Underground’s and In3’s marquee gaming event of the year.

Gamer's Playing Mortal Kombat

“I mean you guys got free food and drinks here, plus the chill vibes which is always a plus,” said Dj Porki.

Fierce competition sprung as the night got underway with the first round of the Smash double elimination tournament. Meanwhile, those in attendance enjoyed several gaming stations filled with N64s, Xbox Ones, and Nintendo Switches playing a wide range of different games.

As the night progressed one name had competitors worried for their tournament champion hopes, Cree. After first arriving on the DC scene at last year’s Super Smash holiday event and decimating the competition, Cree took home the Tech Time Gaming Super Smash Tournament Cup after a decisive 3-0 win in a best of five series win over TheFourth.

2019 Super Smash Champion Cree

After a first-round loss in the winner’s bracket, TheFourth battled all the way back to the finals where he met Cree, the currently undefeated DC champion, who has yet to lose a single round.

Throughout a night of raffle prizes, trivia prizes provided by eStarland, and different stations for each round of the Smash tournament, the infectious ‘vibe’ carried throughout all and made the night a great start for the ambitious future vision of Capitol Underground Gaming and In3.

Their interactive social gaming atmosphere provides the perfect combination of engagement and excitement, creating an inclusive gaming experience for both casuals and competitive gamers.

With the night finally winding down the hosts prepared to give away the grand prize everyone was waiting for, a brand-new Xbox One S. With the suspense building Capitol Underground founder Trevor Williams slowly read out the winning ticket. With a burst of enthusiasm the young gamer Jayden claimed his new Xbox One.

Grand Prize Winner Jayden and his cousin Kevin

Capitol Underground Gaming and In3 have had growing success in creating a sustainable gaming community within DC and these events work towards creating a strong foundation to the future of esports in DC. During the night of fun, it was announced that In3 and Capitol Underground would begin consistently hosting monthly game events.

From tournaments and game nights to gaming expo’s and workshops they seek to bring awareness and a platform for DC esports to flourish. DC has long been under-served regarding competitive gaming compared to the other large communities in Maryland and Virginia, mostly due to the high cost of space in the district. But with In3’s and Capitol Underground’s continued partnership and support from sponsors like eStarland and Tech Time Gaming Lounge, DC gamers have hope that the competitive gaming scene can continue to grow.

Super Smash Championship Broadcast -

Super Smash Championship Bracket -

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Tech Time Gaming Lounge - With over 60 PC's and game consoles available, they are a premier gaming lounge located in Woodbridge, Virginia.

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