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PUBG Comes to Xbox!

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner has finally come to the Xbox One, and it has a lot to live up to; PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUND is already a monster on the PC and now looks to make its mark on consoles. PUBG touts over 20 million PC units sold since its early access was made available on Steam back in the summer of 2017. Released as a pseudo-beta, its detractors were quick to point out the games flaws; from awkward clipping and wonky physics, to sub-par graphics and dropped frame rates, many of the issues that plagued the early access build have been patched away. What can’t be removed is PUBG’s fun factor.

Parachuting into the ever shrinking sandbox of mayhem solo, or with up to four partners is an exhilarating experience; a race against the clock to be the last man standing on the island. With an abundance of weapons, gear, and vehicles strewn throughout the map, buildings to explore, and that dreadful blue wall always threatening to eliminate unsuspecting players, PUBG has proven to be a limitless playground for FPS fans.

The Xbox One has an uphill battle if they want to match the PC version’s success. With relatively mid-range PC requirements, and a low entry price of $20.00 for early access on Steam, PUBG hit all of the right buttons to be a huge success on the PC. With the games official 1.0 version coinciding with the anticipated desert map Miramar on December 20, PUBG’s PC version is a success before its actual release. Microsoft is doing a lot to make sure that their console version is on par. While utilizing the original PUBG Corp. development team to build the game, Microsoft was smart to provide additional support as needed. Featuring 4K resolution and high dynamic range (HDR), PUBG is being released on Xbox One’s Game Preview program similar to Steam’s own Early Access. Essentially a beta, this will help the developers work with the community to improve the game play experience.

This explains PUBG’s low $29.99 price tag. Features like climbing and vaulting that were not included with the original version will be included at launch on the Xbox One, with more features added over time until it is equal to the PC version.

Of course, there are gripes with the console version, as well. PUBG on the Xbox One will be at a different stage of development then the PC release. The developers are upfront regarding this, saying that gamers should expect an experience around six months behind the PC version. Frames per second will also take a hit, maxing out at 30 fps on the Xbox One.

Cross-platform play will not be available at launch, meaning Xbox One players won’t be able to compete with more experienced PC gamer's. PUBG Corp has expressed interest in cross-platform play in the past, so hopefully this feature will be added later so the community can grow together.

There are lots of unknowns for players on this new battleground. (See what I did there) Will the complex inventory system be successfully adapted to an Xbox One controller? Will micro transactions invade this game like the plague? Will the PUBG community be able to grow in a console environment? Time will only tell, but it has to be noted that PUBG streams constantly on Twitch with upwards of 100,000 viewers at any given time. This game is massive and ready to set consoles on fire. Members of the PC Master Race may scoff at the idea of playing their beloved PUBG on an inferior machine, but coming to consoles (a PS4 version is set to release in 2018) is a big step in presenting this hardly unknown battleground to the masses. Now go get that crispy chicken!

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