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She’ll Bake You Homemade Cookies…Then Pass That Boss For You

When you imagine a gamer, you will probably think of the stereotypical twenty-something-year-old that has a passion for the art medium known as “video games”. Now that you have that image in your head… just add about sixty years and grey hair to it. The new image you get my friend is exactly what this 80 years young “Grandma Gamer” is. Yeah you heard me, Grandma Gamer, or better known by her fans as, Grandma Shirley. Grandma Shirley has been playing video games ever since the 1990s. Her son bought her first computer and game - that’s right, she’s a member of the PC Master Race. In her more than 20 years of gaming experience she has developed a special fondness and love of the immensely popular role playing game from Bethesda, Skyrim. Shirley says that Skyrim is her favorite game of all time, a notion that I think a lot of us can agree with. She admits that “I’m not that good of a player, I’m really derpy actually” (YouTube 60 Second Docs, 2016, July 21).

When she’s not slaying dragons or exploring lost temples, Grandma Shirley, enjoys picking the flowers and just looking at the majestic mountains. When asked about her affection for the game Shirley replied, “It’s all one big adventure, I like adventures” (YouTube 60 Second Docs, 2016, July 21). In addition to just being a generally awesome individual, Grandma Shirley also has a LetsPlay channel with more than 200,000 Subscribers. Her channel, Shirley Curry, is definitely something worth checking out. With more than three-hundred videos (almost all Skyrim) the Pewds Crew should be shaking in their seats. Let this be a testament to everyone, that there really is no age limit to playing video games. Everyone can enjoy the beauty and fun of the art form known as Video Games well into their golden years.

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