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The PUBG Chronicles: Volume ll

It was just another night of PUBG shenanigans, running duos with my man Rogue Mizukage, trying to get this crispy chicken in before dinner. Our last 2 attempts have come up short; coming in 4 both times. But this time was different, we have a feeling this was going to be the match where we get elbow deep in crispy chicken and Frank’s RedHot Pepper Sauce; you know we have to put that S&#t on everything.

The plane is coming from the Military Base heading north, we knew we wanted to head somewhere in the middle of the map, didn’t want to take a chance with the circle this match. We decided to hit one of our fall back locations, the settlement just north of Pochinki. We are fast approaching the drop and get ready to jump, this is when the juices start flowing. We are about 150 Km away from the drop and we see the sky covered in parachutes, likely headed to Pochinki and the school.

We land in the settlement with no other competition, but we all know you can never really relax in PUBG, so we stay frosty. Fortune is upon us, I find a fully stocked M16 with 120 rounds of 5.56 ammo, attachments and a 4x scope while Rogue finds a SKS with a 4X scope. Once we have scavenged the entire settlement we head Northeast towards the neighboring town, just adjacent to the School.

As Rogue establishes a perimeter around the hanger, I breach the first house. Were barely there for 20 seconds before we get some action. To my surprise as soon as I open the door I see an enemy combatant. I’m about to get trigger happy when I notice he has his back turned to me. The sorry guy doesn’t even know I’m there. I aimed for his neck and pop off a few rounds, in seconds he is down, probably crying out to his partner for help, but it’s too late, the end is near. As he crawls away gasping for breath, hope slowly draining from his eyes, I pop a couple rounds right in his ass, nipping his hopes of fresh crispy chicken in the bud. Rogue hears the action and doubles back to the house. Now it’s getting good.

We don’t know where his partner is or what he is armed with, but we know he is in close proximity to us so I retreat to the bathroom for a quick reload. Now were in beta mode. We know we don’t want to go out this early like the poor sap riddled with bullet holes and bathing in his own blood near the front door. I move out the bathroom and close the door I came in, slowly moving through the house. With no shoes on my movements are almost ninja like. As I move through the house Rogue finally makes it inside, we decide to risk looting the guys body to see if we can get some quick goodies.

As we are knee deep in his inventory we hear footsteps outside the front door, the jig is up, and it’s about to go down. We see the tip of his gun right above the window as he slowly approached the door. Rogue dashes towards the stairs for better positioning and as a distraction. It works, the lone wolf moves back past the window to get a better shot at Rogue, I moved right trying to catch him through the window. I’m closing in for the kill, I let off 7 rounds but end up hitting the chairs directly in front of me. Now the element of surprise is gone, but I have another trick up my sleeve.

I adjust my camera angle to see his position, he is holding his position aimed at the corner of the wall I’m hiding behind. Without notice I pop around the corner and put 3 shots in his throat dropping him like a sack of potatoes and ending his hunt for the ultimate chicken dinner. The exchange didn’t come without repercussions, my life was now at half. Thanks to the pain killers and med kit I picked up courtesy of old boy on the floor, we were able to finish sacking their bodies and were ready to go.


All this action distracted us from the fact that the circle is closing, and we needed to move. Locked down by the incoming barrage of missiles, we held our position until it was clear. The circle looked like it was going to close just Northeast of Vasnaya Polyana. We grabbed a nearby car and headed north. We stopped at a few houses to see if we could scavenge any last-minute items before shit hit the fan. While we were occupied our ride was hijacked, a classic dick move. Carless, we moved on foot through open fields, 2 naked black dudes with black dynamite afros, we were pretty much a sniper’s dream. As we approached our destination we dropped down by a tree near the road, just southeast of Vasnaya Polyana.

We saw a team head into the buildings we were approaching, as we scoped out the landscape and got ready to move we saw another team pull up outside. Safe to say shit hit the fan real quick; seconds later bullets are ringing out, cars are blowing up, and bodies are dropping. We watch for from a safe distance and decide to avoid that situation and get better positioning in the circle. The circle is getting smaller and smaller, the end is clear, shits going down Northeast of Vasnaya. We stay close to the eastern edge of the circle, hugging the blue boarder.

As we approached a small watch tower, a team got the jump on me and put a few bullets in my chest. Darkness was closing in and hopes of that KFC $20 fill up was fading fast.

But my wing man Rogue came up and mopped up the mess, making light work of both enemies. Barely hanging on Rogue got me up just in time. We head into some nearby houses to recover, nothing a quick energy drink and some med kits couldn’t fix. With 9 people remaining and 50 seconds until the circle closed, our hearts were pumping, and our fingers were on the trigger. As we head up the mountain to the soon to be graveyard, we put some space in between us. I make a ballsy dash through the open field to the nearest bush.

Second later shots ring out, pop pop pop. I see 2 guys flanking me, I don’t move a muscle. Rogue hops into action and kills one guy. I see two of my would-be assassins hiding by a nearby tree. I cock two frag grenades and launch them on both sides of the tree, before they knew what hit them, BOOM! Double kill, both their lifeless bodies flew off the ground. And then there were 5.

Were getting anxious and know the end is in sight, we could practically taste all of KFC’s 11 herbs and spices. I see a car parked only 15 yards from me, and an unsuspecting enemy walking right into my line of sight. I aim through my bush and pull 1 bullet from my SKS straight into his skull, the force threw his lifeless body onto the hood of the car. Only 4 remaining.

Rogue has now moved to my left behind a giant rock but has exposed himself to a guy 100 yards to his right. Before I can read off the enemies’ location he was down and scrambling to crawl to cover. Running to save him would be a death wish, I had to hold my position and hope he could make it to me. As he inched his way towards me we thought we caught a break when one of the last 2 remaining guys ended Rogue’s would be killer. Now there is only me, a dying Rogue, and the man standing between us and greasy fingers. I look for an opening to pick up Rogue, but I didn’t know where the last guy was, it was too risky.

By this time Rogue is on his last leg and is seconds away from bleeding out. I’m to late. Now it’s just him and me. This is do or die, my hands are getting sweaty and I’m losing grip on the controller. I finally spot him behind a tree 75 yards away, he sticks his head out and…… I miss him. Now my position is known, he makes a quick dash in my direction. Surprised I move out of cover to end his life, but my aim is off, and I miss him as he narrowly gets behind cover.

My heart is really pumping, and the pressure is on. Mano a Mano, him or me. He throws a frag and flushes me out behind my cover, with the circle on my back I try to run up on him and catch him by surprise, but he is waiting for me. We exchange fire and……. the crispy chicken has fallen from my hands. We get 2nd place in what is the most heartbreaking loss I have had yet.

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