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The PUBG Chronicles: Volume 1

It was late, but I was ready for some midnight rounds of PUBG. It was one of those nights where you have to feed the urge to get a few matches in before bed. Young Revo, Cbob, and I were running 3-man squads and the hope of getting a crispy 2 piece before bed was slipping away fast.

My eyes were getting heavy and my reaction time was sloppy, this was my last match. The squad wanted to know where we were jumping; I suggested risking circle proximity for the chance of better gear. Despite taking that risk the last 2 games and getting properly screwed by the circle, the boys were down.

The plane had a vertical trajectory starting from the right side of the map, just northeast of the Sosnovka Military Base, heading straight through the Mylta Power Station. The plane came up on Pochinki and the boys and I hit the sky. We flew into formation and headed towards Primorsk using our long jump method. Keeping between 20 and 30 Km, we hit good time and landed in perfect position. It looked like fate was with us.

We were in the circle and had plenty of time to raid the whole town unbothered. Each of us ran through every house we could, grabbing everything in sight. I picked up a Scar with a silencer and my boys each got an M16 and AKM with scopes. We had raided the entire east side of Primorsk. The circle had closed 2 times and it looked like it was going to go down on the west side of Primorsk.

We had raided half of the west side and spotted a squad just north of us. We exchanged fire and Cbob got downed behind a broken brick wall. Their suppressive fire made it nearly impossible to get to him, and with his health almost gone, he was running out of time.

Yong Revo maneuvered over to him and managed to get him up and retreated to the closest house. I was already posted up in the house looking through the kitchen window when I saw one of the guys hiding near a tree.

I let off two shots straight to the chest and downed him.

As soon as he hit the ground, I ended his misery with a shot to the head.

The circle was getting smaller and smaller and it looked like Armageddon was right on the beach. As we were heading to the southern tip, Cbob caught the second guy slipping and finished him off. Then we spotted 2 other teams fast approaching from the North.

With 3 teams surrounding us we posted up in a 2-story house that was just barely in the circle. There were 20 people left and the circle was closing quick. To make matters worse, we were pinned in the house with bullets flying and bombs busting doors off their hinges. We had a team in the building directly next to us; a team hopped out a car and was breaching; the 11 other people were unaccounted for; and Young Revo got sniped through a window and was bleeding out quick.

Cbob bodies a guy outside the front door while I healed our man upstairs.

The circle had shrunk and only encompassed the beach. With 12 seconds till the circle closed, I dropped a med kit for Revo and we jump out the second story window and haul ass to the beach.

With no cover at all we dropped in the first patch of grass we saw.

There were 11 people left, we were totally exposed, and we had a team from the west heading straight for us in a boat.

Young Revo popped both guys in the boat bringing the remaining players, including us, to 7.

The circle again shrank, forcing us to head almost directly on the sand, and with 6 people left, it was getting intense. Bullets were flying in every direction. At this point the adrenaline was flowing. I chucked a smoke grenade 15 meters in front of us as a distraction; it seemed to work.

One guy was hiding over a dune to the west, he popped a few shots into Young Revo and downed him. I quickly hit him with a few shots to the head for the kill. And then there were 4.

The squad needed suppressive fire while Revo healed. I had no clue where the enemy was, but I just start busting off shots in every direction. Revo was up and we hit the deck. The circle was closing in. If it caught us it meant certain death.

We crawled inch by inch to escape imminent death. With a 3-1 advantage, we scoped out the remaining area. Unsure of where the remaining player were, we moved cautiously.

Finally, the last remaining enemy, no longer able to out crawl the circle, got up and exposed his position. The boys made quick work of him before I could even aim. And just like that, the late night extra crispy 2 piece was ours.

Colonel Sanders would be proud.

If you think you have a great PUBG experience you want to share email us at Each week one story will be chosen to add to the chronicle!

You can see the final moments of this epic showdown here.

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