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Soul Calibur VI Release: Back to the Ring

It's been a long time waiting for, in my opinion, one of the best fighter game’s in the fighting genre, to get its next installment. I know, over the last 5 years, the community seems to have either lacked interest in Soul Calibur, or felt that the game began to get stale and easy. As is the case, SC began to lose popularity and was even thought to be dead as a series. Games like Street Fighter or Tekken easily being the more recognized fighting games. I believe this was a horrible loss, SC had style and structure all its own.

And weapons, everything is better with weapons.

The original game was unique in the market with 360-degree movement, both pre-set and user created combos, and guest characters, with new ones being added with each new edition. Want to see who will win between Spawn and Yoda in a fight? Or the awesome combos Zelda might wield? These were the games you looked for. Besides the gimmicks, the entire game was revolutionary even before the addition of a fighter creator, which I personally hope they will bring back.

SoulCalibur 6 First Game-play: Mitsurugi Vs. Sophitia


This revolutionary game has been in stasis for too long, and I even feared the franchise was over. The potential for this game as a competitive/tournament is practically screaming to be explored. The characters being so balanced that there really are no gross over-power/under-power character fights. And the number of possible combos and variations in fighting styles allow for exciting and edge of your seat matches. I can only hope that the developers and outside sources see this potential and give us the competition and tournaments this game so desperately needs. Visually, this game seems to have stayed with the same dynamic animation and roaming camera style.

The 360 field allows for attacks to come from the side with certain characters, adding a whole new dimension to your idea of where to block. The game has always had a high standard for rendering and character animations and never disappoints. And while the game seemed stale I believe this break has renewed interest in this game. So, keep tuned to find all the new info!

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