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FUT Training Session


This past weekend Capitol Underground Gaming alongside their partners “The Game Gym” and “Esports Fairplay” hosted the DMV’s first FIFA FUT practice session. The goal being to get some of the best and brightest FIFA players with aspirations to become pro FUT verified and ready to compete in the upcoming DC United scouting event. The DC United scouting event serves as an excellent opportunity for aspiring players to showcase their talent, skill, and passion to compete. Players will be invited to compete at the home of DC United, Audi field, where they will face off against the best players in the DMV as well as the current pro player for DC United, Renato, for the chance to get signed as DC United’s next pro FIFA player. With his job up for the taking, Renato looks to ward off would be usurpers of his title and dominate the competition as he did in last years scouting event which inevitably led to his signing with DC United. Winning does not guarantee signing with DC United, there are other factors such as overall skill, social media presence, and marketability. Winning will definitely give players an advantage as they will be directly in the spotlight but just like any sport skill is not the only factor.

We had the opportunity to get an inside look at Capitol Underground’s first ever practice session as well as the training facility they practice at. "The Game Gym” is an esports training facility located in North Bethesda Maryland, designed specifically for the new age of competition, competitive gaming. With a location that boasts a massive facility equipped with the essentials for any aspiring competitive gamer, it was the perfect location to begin holding the FIFA communities practice sessions.

Some of the top competitors in the DMV came to kick off the first training sessions and get to the grind of improving for next month’s scouting event. The practice kicked off with assessing each players strength, weaknesses, FUT team composition, and skills they want to learn or improve on. This assessment gives them the opportunity to create a clear starting point where players can examine their progress and tweak their approaches accordingly.

Once introductions were done, they jumped right into scrimmages, playing against each other to determine their ranking among the group and to watch their game-play. Scrimmages will serve as an important focal point in the training sessions as they will allow for a close examination of each players progress and ability to incorporate their training into a real match.

After completing all the set matches the standings were the following:

First Practice Rankings

Andy Palma, one of the elite players in the DMV dominated the friendly rival matches with an undefeated record. Andy a regular winner of local tournaments is a serious threat to Renato’s DC United claim. Trevor “Cap” Williams followed right behind Andy with only one loss but with an impressive goal ratio. His play-style seems to favor an aggressive attack and it shows in his impressive finishing. Kevin Colindres followed in 3rd place with a solid 2-2 outing, scoring the 3rd most goals in the friendly rival scrimmage. He has a great tactical eye and a high FIFA IQ, with a stronger FUT team he will be trouble. Jesse Lopez, the winner of DC United’s 2nd community tournament, finished 4th just behind Kevin with a solid showing. His team is quite impressive, once he strengthens his few weaknesses, he will surely be a nightmare. Coming in at the bottom of the standings was Joffrey, a new member to the community with less experience than his competitors. He showed flashes of true talent and can definitely be a fierce competitor with strong fundamentals.

We spoke with Trevor Williams after the scrimmages, he is a aspiring FIFA pro, founder of Capitol Underground Gaming and the creator of these sessions. He said, “These practice sessions will serve as a foundation for each player to grow their skills, awareness, and game tactics. This will also provide players necessary experiences by scrimmaging with the best talent in the DMV. By breaking down everyone’s weaknesses, strengths, team composition, formation, and game tactics they can better access how to best improve their game from a community perspective that they may not have been able to see before. All while attempting to increase their brand and social media presence. Esports is more than just gaming, it imperative that players create a brand and a presence in the community, these sessions give them the opportunity to do just that.”

With Capitol Underground Gaming’s leadership and passion, Esports Fairplays FIFA expertise, and The Game Gym’s training facility, this is definitely something to keep an eye out for. With the continued exponential growth of esports more and more gamers are looking to make their mark in this emerging industry, taking their gaming skill to an entirely new level. No longer playing just for fun but aspiring towards a common goal that they must work incredibly hard to achieve.

If you want to start your journey to becoming a pro, join our community and start improving your skills. You can sign up for the next practice session here.

If you liked this article be sure to follow these players to watch their journey. Also share, follow, and join the Capitol Underground Gaming community for more great articles and news. When you become a member you get exclusive benefits only available to members.

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