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PUBG Chronicles: Volume lll

I wanted some chicken, some buttermilk golden brown, fried to perfection chicken. So, I did what any intelligent person who was fiending for a 3-piece meal would do, I got my hot sauce and got on PUBG for the best chicken dinner in town. I jumped into my first 3 man-squad match of the evening with my boys Gtacapo216 and GERALDD acg.

After a few seconds of crotch shots and super man punches we were out the loading screen and ready to go. The plane was coming in just north west of Primorsk and the boys were looking to get some action, we hit the sky and headed towards the Military Base. Our timing was off, and we weren’t going to make it; and with the sky covered in parachutes we knew we wouldn’t last long if we risked it. We decided to hit the houses right outside the base, but we ended up getting separated.

Gtacapo and Geraldd hit the houses just west of the Military Base while i could only make it to the houses right on the beach. The plan was to rendezvous with the boys and fight our way through the base. I landed and ran my naked ass into the closest building, only to find a pistol with barely any ammo. Things were not going to plan but I thought at least I landed by myself. I ran into the next house and was greeted with the sound of a pump action shotgun, BOOM BOOM BOOM, he popped off 3 shots and took me down to half-life. I fired back with my .45 ACP and hit him 3 times in the chest.

Might as well have been shooting blanks because it didn’t slow the dude down at all. At this point we were both are out of bullets, naked, and running like couple of chickens with our head chopped off. In the heat of the moment I forget how to put my gun away (Fucking genius). While I was struggling to remember basic controls, the dude was straight treating me like Mike Tysons punching bag.

I finally bolted out the house and ran to the closest shack, hoping to find something useful. I fling open the door and pick up a 9mm with 10 bullets, I turn around to empty the clip in his ass and poof, he was gone, straight up vanished with no trace. I debated whether to go back and look for him but realized I was outside the circle and only have 2 minutes left before I had to haul ass. I finally caught up with Gtacapo and Geraldd who fared a lot better than me.

We raided a few houses on the boarder of the military base, but with only a few SMG’s and a shotty’s we were in a shitty position. In the distance we could hear the screams of war and death, bombs were exploding and bodies flying. We decided we didn’t want any part of that and ran towards the circle. The end of the circle was just inside the beach, so we headed North and raid the houses parallel to the bridge. Running in and out of the houses we lost track of time.

The damn circle was closing, and we knew we weren’t going to make it across the bridge before the circle. Gtacapo pulled up with the whip and headed to the nearest boat. With the circle closing in, the only option was to head straight into the bomb zone. It was risky, but we didn’t have any other options, all I could do was sit back and pop a brew. As Geraldd headed deeper into the bomb zone, we prepared to haul ass to the closest house. We had about 150 yards and 5 seconds before shit was going to hit the fan.

We pulled up and sprinted towards the house. With fiery mayhem coming down all around us it was like Hiroshima; the landscape covered in a fiery blaze consuming everything in its path, the heat of the blaze hitting our faces as we dodged death (Singed some of my fro off too). Having nowhere to hide we kept hauling ass, praying our next steps weren’t our last. As we approached the house a huge explosion went off less than 15 yards in front of us, destroying the jeep wrangler parked outside.

We were almost in the clear, Gtacapo pulled up on the house first and walked through the side door. As he opened the door he spotted a squad of 4 waiting out the napalm strikes. With his quick reflexes he dropped and killed one but was no match for the entire squad. Geraldd and I heard the commotion, Geraldd pulled up to the front door while I flanked through window. We were instantly met with a wall of gun shots. Bullets were whizzing past our faces, blowing out the barred windows and shredding the front door, leaving a gaping hole. I landed a well-placed headshot to the player closest to the stairs.

Geraldd moved in through the door and I quickly followed. We saw another guy crouching in the kitchen, Geraldd put a clip straight through his skull, instantly yanking the soul from his lifeless carcass. The third guy set his sights on Geraldd but I quickly provided suppression fire, he attempted to run into the bathroom for cover. He has made a grave mistake, he cornered himself with no way of escape. A quick frag grenade into the bathroom abruptly ended his dreams of a chicken dinner.

After the massacre was over, which left splintered wood from the destroyed doors, busted windows, and blood and guts hanging from the ceiling! Well not that last part but you know what I mean, the house was seriously fucked. We lost our boy Gtacapo, but we were in loot heaven (We poured one out for the homie). The guys that were laying in pools of their own blood had everything from level 3 military vests and book-bags to Fully Loaded Scar’s and SKS’s with 8X scopes.

Geraldd and I were strapped and were ready to go. We waited for the circle to close so we could find a strategic position. The circle was going to close just south east of Pochinki, that was where the shit was going to hit the fan. We jumped out the second story window and hugged the east side of the circle. We saw 2 players just north of us getting in the last of their house raid, I fired 2 shots into one of their backs, but he quickly scurried behind a stone barrier.

We begin to pursue but the circle was closing, we needed to get into the circle. We ran to the nearest house to regroup. As I entered the front door I heard a buggy pull up. As I scrambled to locate the driver, I heard a rapid succession of gunfire, I quickly ran outside to find my boy Geraldd on his knees gasping for breath. I saw his would-be assailant get back into the buggy and floor it straight at me. I narrowly dodged his attempt to make me roadkill and instantly began emptying a clip into his buggy. He hopped out and bolted behind the house.

Geraldd clawed his way up the stairs and into the house, I closed the door and covered him as he crawled his way towards the bathroom. Before I got the chance to heal him I heard footsteps outside opening all the doors. I went to close one of the doors and caught a quick glimpse of him through the open door. He aimed and narrowly missed me, his shots sending pieces of the wall flying into the air.

I moved back to my right and placed 7-point blank shots into his knee cap ending his night. The game got a little bit smaller, the circle was closing in and there were 7 of us left. I retreated to the bathroom to pick up the homie Geraldd. Once we were locked and loaded we exited the bathroom and prepared to dash into the open.


As we came out the bathroom we spotted a lone enemy at the coordinates west 285. Geraldd aimed down the sights and prepared for his elimination, I moved towards the door to get a better shot and to provide additional fire. Before I could pull the trigger, I was met with a rapid barrage of bullets into my chest. I narrowly escaped, with the taste of chicken fleeing my taste buds I attempted to retreat to the bathroom to pop a first aid.

Bullets were buzzing so close to my face I could feel the heat, their holes filling the walls and furniture all through the small house. As I ran towards the bathroom dipping and dodging the ricocheting bullets, I finally got to the bathroom and got my fix. Geraldd and the lone wolf were exchanging fire in a heated battle, I tried to provide support, I used my 8X to line up the shot. Right before I pulled the trigger Geraldd moved into my line of sight and I put a bullet through his head.

Luckily, he survived the friendly fire, any normal person would not have made it, but the homie Geraldd is that dude. Luckily, he brought the enemy to his knees. Before I picked my man up I emptied half a dozen rounds into his dying body, finishing him off and yanking his chances at crispy golden perfection. We retreated to the bathroom to heal up. Now there were 2 enemies left, this is where you clutch up or go to sleep hungry.

No matter how many times I find myself in the final 2 my blood pressure always skyrockets, and my hands begin to sweat profusely. But there was no time for that, the circle was about to start closing and we had the misfortune of running through an open field to the circle. I packed up and ran through the front door, but as soon as I walked out the door I again got riddled with bullets that sent me running my ass back into the house.

Narrowly escaping with my life again, I tried and get behind cover. His missed shots tearing through the already non-existent door. The door was practically crumbling at this point (This house had been taken a serious beating). With the blue wall of death on our backs and 5 seconds before it closed, I took one of my last first aid’s, chugged a brew, and hauled ass straight into the open. Geraldd ran out the side door looking to grab the smoking buggy.


With the blue circle literally on my ass I dashed towards the circle not knowing where the last enemy was hiding. I made it about 30 yards before I was hit and dropped. As I laid there waiting on certain death, I had a glimmer of hope that Geraldd would pull a miracle out his ass and clutch it. Those hopes were quickly smashed when he was killed by the play zone. And that’s how I ended up eating tofu for dinner, fucking tofu.

Be sure to send our boys CapUnderground, Gtacapo216 and GERALDD acg some love.

If you liked this edition of the PUBG Chronicles and are interested in sending in one of your epic stories, please email us at

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