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Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale


Hello, Chris here, Aka Omnitd. Today I'm giving a short review of Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale. You're probably thinking, another BR game... who cares?!?! I'm here to tell you why you should. IoN is a FAST paced 50-man loot and survive experience. Most matches last at the most 20 minutes, and if you die right away no worries, as soon as you click play match you're back shooting it out in a pregame warm up.

If you've played games like Counter Strike 1.5/6, CS: Source, CSGO, Quake, and Overwatch you can appreciate the speed of IoN. From shooting, looting, and bunny hopping there are no hiccups. Unlike PUGB, there is no proning or ghillie suits, so you won't have to worry about being shot by someone camping or snaking their way through grass.

So far, the DEV team has been on top of every issue since launch, and they have most issues fixed within 30 minutes to an hour! So, you know they're going to be improving everything as they gain a larger community.

Bluehole really needs to take note and fix PUBG glitches and bugs, with the growing amount BR games that are complete or at least less buggy than PUBG, games li IoN have the potential to draw a very large community. This game is what every BR before should have been. However, I do not believe this will be a "Fortnite killer". Fortnite is an extremely unique game with building mechanics like no other game I have played.

Like Fortnite, Islands of Nyne has taken the BR genre and given us something unique. So, if you're like me, the kind of guy that chases gunshots, rush everywhere, and tries to win with as many kills as possible or die trying... you will fall in love with Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale. Hope to see you on the island, be sure to check out some of my highlights below. If you like the video feel free to subscribe.


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