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Hall of Legends: The VA Assassin

Updated: Sep 1, 2018

Credit: Insane Gamers Battle Circuit LLC & TunaFishIsGood

When I think of classic competitive Madden, I think of the old days when the stakes consisted of giving up your shoes or cutting your hair. Anyone who grew up playing Madden with their friends knows what I’m talking about. Back to the days where Gameday 98 rivaled Madden 98 as the premier football simulation. Competitive madden has drastically evolved from the days of the late 90’s and the stakes are much higher.

This next Hall of Legend honoree devoted the last 10 years of his life to sharpening his madden skills and becoming one of the best madden players out of the DMV. A brother who has a tremendous amount of heart and love for the game. We are getting a sneak peak into his journey and what drives him to be the best Madden player ever. Entering this hallowed hall is the VA Assassin.

CapUnderground: Welcome Chris, to the Hall of Legends! We are honored to be able to learn more about you and your competitive journey. We have been following your exploits for a while and thought you would be a great addition to add to this hallowed hall.

Firstly, introduce yourself.

VA Assassin: Thanks Trevor, glad you guys could take a journey into my power gaming career so far. To start my name is Chris aka The Assassin or VA Assassin, I’m from Virginia Beach, VA. Just graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering from Norfolk State University. I’m 26 and been playing madden competitively since I was 16 years old. My first Madden Tournament was the Washington Redskin Madden Challenge.

CapUnderground: Tell us the history of your involvement with video games? How did you get started playing competitive Madden?

VA Assassin: Well man it all started when I was real young. I’ve been gaming most of my life, from Super Nintendo to Xbox One X. I’ve been playing Madden with the guys in the neighborhood since 98’. I thought I was pretty good because I kept winning, so I went to my first local tournament and quickly learned I needed more practice.

I met my brother Dom aka Mr. Hitstick, that’s when our Madden careers and competitive madden really started to take off. When I went to Madden Challenges, I lost a few times and told myself I wanted to get better and become the best. I practiced until I was able to reach that level.

CapUnderground: That’s awesome man, humble beginnings. I remember those early days of Madden. How did you hear about those first local tournaments? And how much did the competition change from your local neighborhood games to real competition in your first couple local tournaments?

VA Assassin: So, I heard about the local tournaments from the local GameStop and by looking online trying to see where I could compete. I was always looking to compete and better my game, I love the competitive action man.

The competition changed tremendously bro, everyone was pretty much on the same playing field, but I told myself I wasn’t having that. I proved to myself that I was going to better than anybody in my state.

CapUnderground: Yea I feel you man, it can be an adjustment going from neighborhood competition to actual competitors. They are on a totally different level.

How far did you get in your first local tournament? How do you think you stack up to other madden competitors in VA?

VA Assassin: I believe my first local tournament I either won the whole thing or came in 2nd I can’t remember.

Right now, I left as the best player in VA honestly or at least top 4, I still have the championship belt.

CapUnderground: Winning your first tournament or even coming in second is impressive.

Last year you were a force to be reckoned with in Virginia, you competed in tournaments hosted by both Insane Gamers Battle Circuit and Live Ambitions, taking back to back titles in your home state.

Can you share that experience and how you were able to stay focused?

VA Assassin: I was just motivated that year man, people were telling me I fell off. I hated feeling like I needed to prove something, and I wanted to get back on top of my game to prove why I was the King of VA.

Those tournaments help keep me motivated, along with the EA Majors that were going on. I wanted to show why people should fear and respect the Assassin.

CapUnderground: It always feels good when you silence your doubters. Especially after last year’s Super Bowl Madden Series Tournament hosted by World Gaming. You competed and won 3k!

There was some stiff competition, how did you overcome those opponents?

VA Assassin: Man, I just stayed focused and played my game. I ended up having to play my boy in the Final 4 which wasn’t easy, but I just took care of business. I was hungry for success and wanted people to know who I was. I really wanted to win that tournament.

CapUnderground: That hunger paid off.

We have had the pleasure of seeing your skill first hand. You competed in Capitol Underground’s King of the DMV: Madden Tournament at the KLG Gamer Lounge. You were putting in work. Can you tell us about that experience?

VA Assassin: Overall man that was a great experience, it was good to see old friends and rivalries being renewed bro. Had a great time man, would love to be back there again.

CapUnderground: We are looking forward to hosting the likes of the VA Assassin and Legend again.

What’s your favorite team to use?

VA Assassin: My favorite team is the Falcons, use them in every tournament I compete in, they are my team.

CapUnderground: I’m guessing you were salty about last year’s super bowl loss. How do feel about Philly’s recent win against New England?

VA Assassin: Man, I don’t even want to talk about that bro it still hurts. I’m glad they beat them it means my Falcons lost to the Champs.

CapUnderground: Man, a lot of people are happy the patriots lost.

How many tournaments do you think you have won at this point in your career?

VA Assassin: Exactly man a lot of people. Man, I would probably say I have won about 15-20 Tournaments.

CapUnderground: Impressive man. No doubt you will be seeking to add to those numbers this year. Do you think you will be able to continue to dominate the Madden circuit?

VA Assassin: Well, I took last year off but I’ll be back better in Madden 19’. With plenty of motivation I hope I can still be dominate like I was.

CapUnderground: Man, we have no doubt you will bounce back and be even better. You have continuously dominated the competition and we expect that to continue.

Do you think you will have to change your play-style with the Madden 19’?

VA Assassin: Yes, it just depends how the game plays. I can’t wait until the game drops, I’m going to be locked in!

CapUnderground: How would you label your style of play? Are you more conservative or do you take big risks?

VA Assassin: I would say I take big risks, but I’m learning to adjust and be a more conservative player.

CapUnderground: Do you have any tips for other aspiring gamers who want to get into competitive Madden?

VA Assassin: Practice, Practice, Practice, get reps, re-watch your games, and stay in the film room. Learn from your losses, they only can make you better! Get a crew of like-minded individuals and lab together. This will help you get better at the game.

CapUnderground: Great advice man; it takes hard work, focus, and dedication to grind day in and day out, but it’s always worth it in the end.

What does the future hold for Chris “Assassin” Goodman?

VA Assassin: Man, my future goals are to make a live event, win a belt, win my team Club Series. I also am working on launching my website and giving out private training.

CapUnderground: Big goals for the future. We are excited to see you grow and succeed in your Madden career. You are a strong competitor and a definite threat to any Madden player.

How can our readers follow you and your journey?

VA Assassin: They can follow me on Twitter @UG_Assassin IG: Goody757 and Snapchat: cgoody757 They can also check out my site

CapUnderground: We appreciate you chilling with us man, always a pleasure conversing with you. Hopefully we see you in the DMV soon.

VA Assassin: Thanks for having me man I appreciate it and enjoyed the interview! We are just getting started over here.

They you have it folks, a behind the scene look at one of the best Madden players to come out of Virginia. Make sure you check him out, and be sure to share this interview with your friends and stay tuned for new articles every week.

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