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Finally Platinum

About a year ago I was introduced to the world of Rocket League. What a wonderful thing that was. Since then I have barely gone a day without picking up the sticks and playing a match. I literally play about 5 matches per day. It’s like a bag of Lays potato chips; I can never play just one. In that time my skills have grown but the way that the ranking system is set up I seem to always find myself in limbo between Gold and Platinum, especially in the Doubles arena. I love playing Doubles but it’s like the gaming gods had deemed me unworthy of breaking through the glass ceiling of Rocket League. Why didn’t they want me to be great? Was I not playing enough?

Should I neglect my fatherly duties more than I already have with this shit? The simple answer was, yes. I found myself waking up before the sun to get into some matches with others just as desperate to move up. I was scoring goals that would make Ronaldinho proud, using skills that I didn’t’ know that I had because the competition was just so damned great. I began to think “How are these mofos still in the gold level ranking? They are kicking my ass and I theirs!” After so many heartbreaks, triumphs, curse words and trash talk, I had finally done it. After a hard won overtime match against a very worthy foe, my ranking text appeared. The gods had finally welcomed me to the next level of my journey. I had become a platinum level Rocket League. I found myself in a very strange place. It was an elite club of sorts where many matches featured the same opponents. I could hear the heartbreak as my foes lost matches only to see their Platinum Star return to Gold bars. This level of play is destined only to be tasted by some and devoured by others. I have arrived.

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