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DC Smash Community Receives Major Support

Super Smash Showdown 4


Super Smash Bros. is a timeless classic that has been creating and growing communities since its original release on the N64 back in 1999. It is a major staple in the MDVA (Maryland & Virginia) and touts a huge community of Smash enthusiasts and connoisseurs. From Xanadu, the world’s leading space for competitive Super Smash, to Super Smash Con which is hosted in the Dulles Expo center and is the biggest convention for Super Smash in the world, it’s hard to doubt the popularity of Smash in this local community. But what about DC? When thinking of Super Smash Bros you really don’t think of DC, and up until recently there wasn’t even a dedicated community in the nation’s capital.

Versace Skillet Commentating Fola & TBMJ Match
Versace Skillet Commentating Fola & TBMJ Match

That is until recently. Capitol Underground and Inclusion Innovation Incubator have quietly been hosting competitive Smash tournaments in the heart of DC through their gaming initiatives and are bringing together the long-neglected DC Smash community. Until Capitol Underground and In3 began holding these events, smash players living in the district would have to travel to Xanadu located in Laurel, MD or head in the opposite direction to “The Cave” in Fairfax, VA. Both being extremely difficult or expensive to get to for DC natives who rely heavily on public transportation like the DC metro. Having a spacious environment that is heavily emphasizes technologically and gaming in the heart of DC is exactly what DC gamers have been waiting for.

I recently attended Capitol Underground’s 4th installment of their Super Smash Showdown in partnership with In3, and I have to say it was amazing. Firstly, the location is perfect, its just a few blocks away from the metro making it easy to get too but its also located inches away from the historic Howard University Campus and all its surrounding restaurants and food spots. But it was the atmosphere of the event that really drew my attention. There were 25+ participants eagerly waiting to showcase their skills and interact with the community. Many of those in attendance didn’t previously know each other but you couldn’t tell at all, the environment was very welcoming and relaxed. If you weren’t enthralled by the impressive smash skills, you were dying of laughter from the commentary from Marcus6 and Versace Skillet. The high caliber of play was intense, especially in the winner’s bracket. But hands down the craziest moment of the night was in the loser bracket’s quarter finals where SteveO battled against TBMJ.

Lauren paying against Anjim Plays

The set was at 1-0 with TBMJ having the upper hand. StevO, the runner up to Super Smash Showdown 1, was looking like a shell of his former self, struggling to find TBMJ weakness. But at the start of the second match StevO came out the start with a bang, completely dominating TBMJ. Both players were at one Stock when StevO delivered a seemingly crushing blow which took TBMJ to the end of the map with little hope of recovery. With victory seemingly in hand StevO made the ultimate mistake…. thinking he won he closed his eyes in celebration and stood up, which would prove a fatal decision. Seemingly defying the game physics TBMJ barely recovered, and with StevO trying to regroup from his mistake, TBMJ delivered a crushing combination that abruptly ended his chances at the title. The crowd erupted as many couldn’t believe it. It is widely known in the FGC (Fighting Game Community) that you never get up and claim victory before the game is over, that mistake has proved catastrophic for many.

But it was the Grand finals that had players anxious in anticipation. The two finalists, Olumas and “The Fourth”, were seemingly unstoppable during the tournament, destroying players with ease. Olumas was the favorite as he knocked out “The Fourth” in the winners finals. But “The Fourth” wouldn’t be denied that easily, he stopped Fola in his tracks in the Losers Finals. Olumas and “The Fourth met once again in the grand finals, “The Fourth” looking to have a different outcome than before.

Super Smash Showdown Championship Trophy
Super Smash Showdown Championship Trophy

The first match started out with Olumas completely dominating with Jiggly-puff. The “Fourth” struggled early to stop Olumas air game, Olumas heavily relied on Jiggly-puffs superior air and recovery mechanics to stop inklings superior quickness and agility the first and second round. But with the finals on the line “The Fourth” turned up the heat. He came out swinging with an early 2-1 stock lead. His projectile IQ improved as all his paint bombs were on point, leading to his first win in the set. Its 2-1 with Olumas ahead, the title and prize money on the line. Will “The Fourth” make defy the smash gods and put on the most insane comeback the smash community has ever seen?! No, no he won’t, Olumas got his groove back and went off with a comfortable 2-1 stock lead. And with “The Fourth” already at 136% damage it wasn’t looking good. Olumas seized the moment and quickly ended “The Fourths” journey to a Smash Showdown championship.

Capitol Underground Founder Trevor & Smash Showdown Champion Olumas
Capitol Underground Founder Trevor & Smash Showdown Champion Olumas

Olumas and his Jiggly-puff were crowned the new Super Smash Showdown Champions and best Smash player in DC! The tournament was filled with upsets, sleepers, and dramatic finishes and was an awesome experience. With Capitol Underground and In3 leading the charge in competitive gaming in the DC area, there is a bright future for the growing DC Smash community. I highly recommend coming out to one of their events, whether its Mortal Kombat, NBA 2k, or Smash Bros it will be a great time.

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