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D.C. United joins eMLS & looking for their first-ever eMLS player

D.C United x eMLS
D.C United Joins the eMLS

That's right folks. D.C. United has officially announced that it's throwing it's hat into the ring of the FIFA 19 eMLS tournament coming up this year. This along with Mark Eine recently purchasing an Overwatch shows a shift in the wind in the industry of esports in America. As we know, America has been lagging far behind the rest of the world in taking the Leagues and tournaments seriously. This is no longer the truth, as now the nations capitol will be more interested in this very profitable future industry.

So here's the scoop, Saturday December 1st, D.C. United is teaming up with Esports Fair Play to bring the DMV a chance to be selected as D.C. United's first-ever eMLS player. Can you imagine, being the first ever eMLS player for your home city? You would be legendary, imagine stadium full of people chanting your name as your score an 89' min goal in the FIFA World Cup Finals! Well i may have exaggerated a little but being the first D.C United eMLS player would be major and you would go down in the history books. This tournament will serve as a scouting opportunity to find the best FIFA player in the DMV area. D.C United finally joins 19 other MLS teams in the esports industry and they are looking for the best. The eMLS is a very fast growing part of esports and provides the opportunity for gamers like you to compete towards your dream of being a pro FIFA player. FIFA is known already as growing esports franchise worldwide, so it only makes sense that the MLS is looking to capitalize on its popularity.

Esports Fair Play founder Pat Oswaldo has been hosting FIFA tournaments for years now and has brought some of the best DMV FIFA players together for some of the most competitive tournaments in the DMV area. Capitol Underground Founder Trevor Williams has had the opportunity to participate in many of Esports Fair Play tournaments and can attest to the hard work and dedication Pat puts into each of his tournaments. Pat has worked incredibly hard with D.C United to make this event happen, it's been Pat's dream to work with D.C United and be the stepping stone to the pro level, and now its finally happening.

If your not familiar with the eMLS take a quick look at the eMLS All-Star Challenge

This is a great opportunity for the DMV FIFA community. This tournament provides an accessibility aspect to esports that many times is hard to find. With a chance to compete at Audi Field's EagleBank Club and realize your dream of going pro is major for a lot of DMV natives. Opportunities like this don't happen often, so come out and compete against the best the DMV has to offer. Remember, this is also being broadcast on Twitch and you will be going against serious competitors like Andy "TraplordAndy" Palma, Omar "El Matador" Flores, Adam "El Nino" Benhayoun, and Luis "Reck1ess Ghost" Torres, and Trevor "Capunderground" Williams, the first 4 being finalists in the most recent D.C United Championships so you will need to be at the top of your game. Even if you don't get picked by D.C. the chances of furthering your career in eSports is so much closer. Scouts are watching, sponsors are watching, the DMV is watching. But only you can make it happen.

Every person that is interested is a step closer to the ultimate career. And somebody is gonna win, and that somebody could be you...

By now your thinking how do you sign up? You can find all the details you will need here. Some ingo you need to know:

*Registration for the FIFA 19 event is capped at 50 players*

* Players must live in the DMV area within 75 miles of Washington, D.C.

Prizes will be given to the first, second, and third-place winners in the single-elimination tournament, and participants will be scouted as potential Black-and-Red eMLS players.

For more details Register now!

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