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Best Mortal Kombat Player in DC!


On the heels of the insane weekend of Combo Breaker, we kicked off our monthly Mortal Kombat tournament at Inclusion Innovation Incubator, looking to continue the recent excitement. With a crowd full of new faces, we were treated to some intense matches. And with Stoner Sowell and Versace Skillet commentating on every nail-biting play by play, the audience were on the edge of their seats. Our reigning champion, Henderson Menjivar, is no stranger to The Underground and he came prepared to hold off the newcomers and defend his title. But newcomers Chris Lastarria, Orlando, and Moses had different ideas. Henderson, Chris, and Moses got off to a great start, each reaching the winner bracket quarter finals. It looked grim for Orlando who was defeated in his first match and was sent to the loser’s bracket.

But Orlando seemed determined to rally back from the hole he was in, and in a surprise upset he swiftly defeated each of his opponents until he met Chris, who fell to the defending champion in the Winner finals. Chris came into this matchup the favorite, but Orlando seemed determined to win. With advancement to the grand finals on the line, Chris and Orlando battled it out in one of the most exciting matchups of the tournament.

But the crowd got lit when Orlando dealt the final blow and ended Chris’s chances at the title.

The “Pièce de résistance”, the grand finals! Our two juggernauts were ready to fight for the championship trophy and title of best Mortal Kombat player in DC. The crowd seemed to favor our defending champion, but Orlando showed that he shouldn’t be underestimated. The jade fighters battled in some highly contested matches. Every round was back and forth and could have gone either way. But it was Orlando who had the slight edge and took the first match. Again, the battle raged and was neck and neck, but again it was Orlando who took match 2. In a major upset Orlando seemed to be dominating the reigning champion who had no answer for Orlando’s great defense and high MK IQ.

With a bracket reset looming and the title in jeopardy, the defending champion seemingly turned the switch on and completely changed his play-style. In a seemingly risky move, Henderson changed characters from Jade to Cassie Cage to try and turn the tide. With high risk comes high reward. Henderson using Jade for the entire tournament seemingly held an ace up his sleeves, no player had yet fought against the champs Cassie Cage player. With the element of surprise, Henderson had Orlando guessing on every move. This strategic changed paid off with Henderson going on a 3-0 tear ending Orlando’s chances at victory and setting up one of the craziest comebacks we have seen.

Congratulations to our 2x reigning grand champion, Henderson! He once again showed why he is the best Mortal Kombat player in DC.

2x Champion Henderson Menjivar & Capitol Underground Founder, Trevor Williams.
2x Champion Henderson Menjivar & Capitol Underground Founder, Trevor Williams.

We want to thank everyone who came out and spent their time kicking it with us. We always try to set an environment that is inclusive, fun, and comfortable for everybody. We always have a good time and look forward to kicking it with you again on June 22nd for our Super Smash Showdown!

New Game, Same Vibe!

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Clarence Williams
Clarence Williams
Jun 15, 2019

Great article! It felt like I was there!

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