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Anthem the Destiny Killer?

EA finally released an in-depth preview of the Anthem game-play, and i have to say it looks pretty amazing. Between the drop dead gorgeous graphics and possibility of flying around and feeling like Iron Man, it makes me highly excited. Anthem has been hyping gamer's up ever since its reveal at last years E3 conference, with initial thoughts being that it would completely dethrone Destiny as a Social co-op action RPG game.

As great as Anthem initially looked some critics were skeptical about EA's infamous need to include micro-transactions in every title, ruining user experience and sending games like Battlefront 2 to an early grave. These days almost every game being produced by EA comes under intense scrutiny due to their need to include micro transactions, but it may be the EA has finally learned from their past blunders!

BioWare's Mark Darrah confirmed at last month's EA Press Play Event that there will be "no ability to pay for power " in Anthem but will only be for cosmetic and vanity items. I'm sure gamer's everywhere are breathing a sigh of relief, Anthem looks to be a amazing and has the potential to be a great title, it would be a shame if it followed in Battlefront 2's footsteps.

Anthem touts 3 javelin exo suit classes which consist of the Colossus which are slow heavily armored tanks that boast heavy firepower, Rangers which specialize in agility and precision, and the storm class which focuses on powerful elemental attacks and light armor. Each class has varying abilities, strengths, and weaknesses that allow you to choose a play style that fits you. Its unknown if there are additional options but we expect to know more as EA continues to drop more reveals.

The first thing that catches your eye is the ability to fly and how seamless it looks. Being able to fly in a game is something that i think most gamer's jump at the opportunity to do, and i haven't personally seen a game that gives that feeling since Superman Returns which came out on the 360. Now before you get super excited, it doesn't look like flight will be infinite as 10 seconds into flying you jets start to overheat; hopefully we get more details on this aspect later.

If you have played Destiny before, you will start to see some very familiar mechanics such as the hit points that display when hitting an enemy and the colorful loot that falls from their corpses. The difference comes in the way Anthem seamlessly changes environments. You can go from flying past a super powered titan to diving into beautifully clear water with dynamic colors.

As you and your team transverse beautifully dynamic landscapes, similar to Destiny's raids, you will encounter strongholds which are long form adventures. We don't get to see any of the stronghold game-play but i think BioWare may be saving that for another time.

With epic boss fights, super powered javelins, beautiful levels, and the ability to fly Anthem seems to have a lot to offer. I am eager to see what other secrets BioWare has in store, if you haven't seen the game-play check it out below, and be sure to share with your friends!


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