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Developers: Robo Pixel Games

Based in Middlesbrough,




Genre: Bullet-hell Platformer

Platforms: PC

Release date: TBA

Price: TBA

Social media:





(PR): James Batten

 (MD) Elliott Oldham

Link to download...below



Gunnihilation is chaotic 2D platform shooter inspired by the classic arcade titles like Contra and Smash TV. It combines side-scrolling action gameplay with dual stick bullet-hell mayhem and supports up to four player local co-op.


You control one of four elite soldiers tasked to engage the forces of a shadowy cabal hatching nefarious schemes across the globe. Combine deft maneuvering with accurate shooting to defeat hundreds of enemies through unique action packed missions.



Robo Pixel Games was founded by graduates Jonathan Clarke and Elliott Oldham in late 2013. Originally intending to make 2D pixel art mobile games, they teamed up with Andrew Burnet and James Batten to work on a browser based platform shooter. This game eventually grew into Gunnihilation.


Feedback from players at local events encouraged the team to continue developing the game. But as the project grew in scope it became clear that Flash was increasingly unsuitable for what the team had envisioned. So in September 2014 the Flash ‘prototype’ was released on Newgrounds to gain public feedback and the team began to rebuild the game in the Unity engine as a desktop PC title.


Over the course of 2015 the game was developed and showcased at various events across the country such as EGX and Develop. With the help of UKIE Gunnihilation was taken to Gamescom 2015, where it went on to win “UK Game of the Show”.


Currently Robo Pixel Games are working tirelessly to bring the full game to life.


Press Coverage

BBC Newsbeat - Gamescom presence and running RPG

The Journal - Rivers Capital Funded

‘Gunning for gold’ - Develop Magazine issue #164 (September 2015)


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